For my first Pakistan trip, I needed a personal consultation with the ambassador to get my visa. He said: “You will love Pakistan and you will want to come back.” Well, I did love it and I did come back. And one of the main reasons why I loved it and why I came back was this place, and especially its owner, Zahir.

The hotel is clean and tidy and well-maintained, and it offers spectacular views. The owner is a super friendly, polite, knowledgeable and helpful person, who accompanied me on a day trip over a glacier and showed and explained dozens of interesting things and places to me.

When I came back with some friends recently, a few years after the first visit, he organised a week-long hiking trip for us with great guides and carriers and everything.

Honestly, if you travel along the KKH, be it on the way from or through China, or just for fun within Pakistan, make this place a stopover on your route. It’s worth it!