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Journeys along the amazing Karakurom highway (KKH) never give a feeling of a repeated travel experience. It is like developing a taste for something, each travel experience is a reward in knowing better the existence of live miracle. The land scape changes almost every kilometer. The very idea of construction of this highway was pronounced an impossible mission by world renowed experts in road building technology. Its Implementation was termed lunatic. Today in its final shape the highway is a modern wonder of the world, a brave achievement by mankind, a sheer demonstration of self sacrifice for the comfort of fellow beings, through determination, team work and perseverance.

gchNine hundred kilometers in length, with its end tail into China, the Khunjerab national park a breath taking scenic drive portray some of the worlds eight most picturesque mountains, nanga parbat, haramosh, rakaposhi, diran, ultar peak, golden peak, tupopdan, passu cathedrals, passu cones, gulmit tower, shisper peak, mystique eight mountain tribes and their eight languages, hindko,pushto, khwar, kohistani, shinaki, balti, burushaki, wakhi, and eight rare wildlife snow leapord, markhor, marcopolo sheep, ibex,yak,urial, double humped camel and kohistani partridge. At certain stretch of the highway, travelers are mismerised of an experience of traveling out of this world, in total isolation and ruggedness, a form of pure natural beauty which does not prevail in any other part on earth . quaint villages, pretty waterfalls are attractive features of the drive.

Thakot bridge, mark the joint Pakistan- China army project, the offical KKH beginning from Havelien is lined by pine trees and beauti field by terraced fields. From Thakot it follows the mighty Indus river, with its source in Tibet, is one of the longest river for 310km from Thakot to the point where it meets Gilgit river, where it highlights the phenomenal of inter locking of the three greatest mountain systems on earth i.e the Himalayas , the karakorams and Hindukush, Leaving behind Besham, the Kohistan region and on entering Chilas, the scenari makes an abrupt change, from lush green to bare mountains and ruggedness, look like Tibet and moon landscape, untouched by the monsoon rains. Travellers pay tribute in short prayers at many monumental sites along the highway in memory of about 900 human lives lost in the process of bulding the road.

To build a highway along these granite mountains was an incredible feat of engineering. It took pakistani and chinese engineers twenty years to complete the road. The progress was measured not in miles but in yards, given the difficulty of terrain, 1500 pakistani and 10000 chinese worked on the road. The chinese concentrated on bridges and the pakistani army engineers on the road. The workers learn to be expert in rock climbing and belaying. KKH is also known as a friendship highway between china and pakistan.

The great mountains which bow to one of the greatest achievements of mankind, KKH was opened to travellers in 1978, the journey made easier for mountain lovers,. No where in the world travellers could enjoy the sight of mountains as high as over 8000 meters, while cruising in comfort. Along the drive from Chilas to the border of pakistan and china, some of the most fascinating mountains on earth could be seen as the vehicle cruises towards the highest paved pass on earth, the khunjerab pass (4733m). The highest paved road border crossing on earth. At certain strectches of the KKH, sections of original ancient silk route merges with the present day road.

Geologists consider this a particulary interesting area. fro nature lovers, photographers and writters, the KKH national park is simply a wonderland. The khunjerab pass 4733 meters is open for foreigners from 1st May to 30th November for crossing to China.

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