The Hunza Valley is a pristine mountainous region in northern most Pakistan. It is rumored to have been the inspiration for Shangri-La in Lost Horizon, a classic novel by James Hilton that depicts Shangri-La as heaven on Earth.

Life in this paradise isn’t what those of us who live in the West might consider easy but it’s most definitely simpler.

The people of Hunza live off the rugged land, with a diet consisting mostly of the plants indigenous to the area and cultivated fruits and vegetables; whole grains grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically-modified organisms; and small amounts of meat, cheese, and yogurt.

Produce isn’t cooked through but eaten while still crunchy. The people of Hunza normally eat two meals a day: a large breakfast at noon and dinner after sunset.

The Hunza lifestyle is an active life, days are spent in farming, tending animals, cooking, housekeeping, caring for children, taking part in social events and sports.

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