Borith Lake
It is an oval shaped glacial fed lake with out  an outlet, lying at one elevation 3100 meters above sea level. Borith lake offers fascination view of Gulmit Tower, Shisper Peak, Tupopdan Peak, Ghenta and ulter peak, it is one of the best place for swimming and boating.
 Suspension Bridge
The cable bridge across the upper Hunza river offers a little adventure. The bridge is made from six cables, four have pieces of wood between them, view in both direction.
Old House:
The Gulmit oldest house, about 700 years old. Before the mirs palace was built the mir stayed in it on his Gulmit sojourn.
Old Maktab:
The carved lintels of an old building from the early 1800s.
Mir Palace:
The mir palace is at the norhern end of the polo ground . Until the mir of Hunza lived here for three months of the year, presiding over local durbars (councils).
Carpet Weaving Centre:
You can visit the carpet weaving centre and can see local women dyeing and weaving traditional carpets. you can buy the local hand made carpets here.
Cultural Museum:
A unique collection of upper Hunza Gojal history is displayed in a cultural museum near by Gulmit continental Hotel, maps, utensils, musical instruments, a stuffed snow leopard, gems and fire arms, including the matchlock gun said to have injured the British commander at the Battle of nilt in 1891.
Polo Ground:
The village is centred on its old polo ground, 700m off the karakoram highway.
Old Gulmit:
A cluster of houses to the left of the palace is the original village which is a called old Gulmit the oldest house is about 700 years old.
Shimshal Valley:
Every year thousands of nature and mountain lovers visit shimshal valley and see mother nature, exhibiting its colours, in a blend of pamirian and karakoramian aura.
Chipursan Valley:
Chipursan valley is a network of small and large villages close to the border of Afghanistan and parts of China. Historians say that this was the earliest human settlement of the entire region.
Misgar Valley:
Misgar valley is a narrow human settlement located very close to the Chinese border almost parallel to chipurson, misgar is home to the Qalandarchi fort of the naked saint. Kilik and mintika passes adorn were used by traders, troops, travellers and spices in the past.
Boibar Valley:
Boibar valley is one of the oldest settlements of wakhi migration and has recenly becouse more accessible for visitors. Travelling by jeep through the narrow gorges of Boibar as well as chipursan, misgar,shimshal and khunjerab valley all give a thrilling experience.
khunjerab valley:
Drive over land to the highest border crossing in the world at 4733m . we stop first at sost, the last check post of pakistan for customs and immigration formalities. we drive on karakoram highway along the khunjerab river, passing through a museum of landscape. The khunjerab national park, where sometimes back one can see the ibex,marcopolo sheep, snow leopards and big brown rats (mermaids) starts from dhee, khunjerab pass (4733m) is the border between pakistan and china and it is the point where karakoram mountain range ends and pamir range start. After a short stay at kunjerab pass, we will drive back to Gulmit Continental Hotel.
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